Use keyboard to save your time

Note: you can change all of this shortcuts in init js file.

Audio Player

See audio player here - element-audio-player.html

Play / Pause Shift + P
Forward Shift +
Backward Shift +
Volume Up Shift +
Volume Down Shift +
Mute Shift + M
Loop Shift + L
Shuffle Shift + S
Show / Hide Playlist Shift + A
Pin / Unpin Shift + R

Secondary Navbars

Right Navbar alt + R
Left Navbar alt + L Will work on mobile sidebar (resize you window)
Fullscreen Navbar alt + F See fullscreen navbar here - layout-nav-2.html


Toggle Search S
Close Search Esc


Toggle Share N
Close Share Esc

Single Post

Works for single post and portfolio pages

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Dislike D
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