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You can try this demo to view how the site of your company can look. Explain why your work is important, show the result of your work, and let your customers see what you do to make it better. Visual and interactive elements, a well-designed organization of content and a remarkable appearance of this landing page will help you.

App Showcase

Whoa, you need a page for your mobile app? Check this demo, it has various elements to describe features, make a representation, show your stats and users' testimonials. This page can be easily shared.


Hey, barbers should know that a good-looking appearance is a result. If you need a lovely site to show the process of your work, your workers' presentations, your prices, the info where your customers can find you, and your customers' reviews, you can check this demo. Surely, you can add other elements as well.


Check this demo if you want to represent a product. It can be a quadrocopter or something else, of course. Media elements for a full demonstration are added. This page is perfect for selling.

Music Label

Are you a music label owner? Do you have some releases you want to promote? I guess, you can try to view this demo. All needed elements are available, there are promo blocks and pages for video clips, sliders and the list of latest releases, an events list and a blog for latest news. And don't forget about the Instagram feed! Keep your fans informed, they will be really happy.


Don't let a band sink in the sea of chaotic information, give it a fine page with the info about future events and music - a nice audio player is available. Video and photo galleries are added too.


This demo is good for promoting your games - it can be visually spectacular. Use it to promote your games or gaming communities.

App Landing

A site for an application shall be cool as this application is. Or even cooler if it can be compared... Anyway, with eCommerce features, a video demo, and nice mock-ups, your site will be cool enough.


You need to show some photos or illustrations? This demo is for you. A nice gallery with a lightbox with a zooming option. Of course, there are many other ways to show your images are supported in this template. Go to the Gallery menu item to view them all.


Blogs are still actual because the text is universal. It is a great feature for anyone who wants to share their news and stories.

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It isn't revolutionary to buy something online, it is so natural today, we don't even notice it. The Khaki template has eCommerce features that are needed for everyone who wants to sell something online.

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Many elements are available to present projects.

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Why Choose Khaki

The main reasons to use this template

Swipe Side Navigations

The real swipe mobile navigations like in native applications

Unlimited Layouts

Unlimited number of layout variations that you've ever seen

Mega Menu

Not only dropdown, but also mega menus with background images

Smooth Animations

Background scroll and mouse parallaxes that impress you

Tons of predefined elements

All available shortcodes showed in demo pages

Bootstrap 4

How to be in trend? Use Khaki with latest Bootstrap

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